906 fish batter

Cooking Wild’s Fish Batter Now Available In Stores

We officially offer the complete collection of 906 Outdoors Cooking Wild Seasonings. This includes their fish batter! Available in 2 convenient sizes, a 10 oz pouch or a 40 oz jar, it’s sure to last you at LEAST a couple frys. Crafted right here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Cooking Wild’s Fish Batter is perfect for a Friday fish fry at home! ‘Light and crispy’ and golden and delicious–all good things when it comes to a batter. Try it on onion rings too!

Now available in all Krist locations, Cooking Wild’s fish batter is right at home in your Northwoods Neighborhood Stores. Fry up your own fresh catch of the day and have yourself a fish fry like no other. This batter will keep your fish CRISPIER LONGER and we know the majority appreciates a good crunch. Serve with lemon for some added freshness, and a cold one on the side–just as good as, if not better than, your local fish fry spot.

Try it today!