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Krist Rewards Program, loyalty card.

Exclusive Promotions – Just For Shopping!

Krist Rewards Program

In-App Promotional Offers

Points: Points can be accumulated in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Points can only be redeemed in Michigan. We are working on a solution to this and will share updates as they come! Every dollar spent accumulates 1 point, 1 point equals 1¢.

Club Rewards: Get free products just for making your regular everyday purchases! Scan your rewards barcode by selecting the club reward you’d like to use. Receive a FREE reward when the requirement is achieved! i.e. Buy 6 Get 1 FREE

Coupons: Take a specific amount off an item(s). Or get multiple items for a discounted bundle price! Click on a coupon in the app and present the barcode to the cashier to redeem in-store. Availability may vary on some items, valid while supplies last. Only one coupon can be redeemed per transaction–if you wish to use multiple coupons, they must be redeemed through separate transactions.

21+ Offers Available: Find deals and coupons for liquor and tobacco products in the new app! Save money and earn free items!

Krist Kruiser: Play our in-app mini-game to accumulate coins. These coins are redeemable for FREE items or fuel!** Accumulate coins = redeem free coupons.

*Once you register on the app, a card account cannot be merged with the mobile app account.

**Item or coupon type may change at any rate or time. The amount of coins needed to redeem may change. i.e. this coupon requires 1,000 coins, the next coupon may require 3,000.

***Read the Rewards App terms and conditions here.
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