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Cooking Wild Seasonings Recipe — Pork Tenderloin Tips

Check out this delicious, sweet, savory and salty Cooking Wild Seasonings recipe for homemade Maple Pork Tenderloin Tips using the CWS Maple Breakfast Sausage seasoning pack.

What you’ll need to make it:

  • CWS Maple Breakfast Sausage seasoning
  • Pork tips


  • Smoker or oven
  • Wire rack or sheet pan


Follow directions on back of seasoning pack to follow recommended amounts of seasoning per pound of meat. (Ex. 1/2 lb meat gets 2 tbsp seasoning.) Or season to taste!

Mix well and be sure all the meat is coated evenly with seasoning.

Place the meat on a wire rack and into your smoker, or a sheet pan for your oven.

Cooking times will vary depending on your smoker or oven and the temperature you choose (pork should be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees).

Slightly spicy maple pork tenderloin tips–say that five times fast! Simple and easy, hard to beat.


Cooking Wild Seasonings Maple Breakfast Sausage seasoning packs and fish batter can be found at ANY Krist location.


Check back later for another Cooking Wild Seasonings recipe and more funs ways to use the seasoning packs, or visit our blog to find previous recipes! See the full CWS collection on their website.