Local Product Highlight: OH SNAP! pickling co.

OH SNAP! We got a pickle, we got a pickle, we got a pickle, hey hey hey hey!

OH SNAP! pickling co. is a fourth-generation family-run business out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Founded back in 1900, the company has grown to be recognized in countless locations. It’s a pretty big DILL…
Pickles are a common favorite among Americans in general, but OH SNAP! didn’t start out with them. In 1900, the company originally functioned as the world’s largest manufacturer of sauerkraut. Well, it started as a fresh produce cabbage business–the company harvested cabbages and sold them to larger, upper-midwestern cities. Over time, a surplus of cabbages built up, resulting in the next venture being sauerkraut.
The founder’s great-grandson, Ryan M. Downs, now serves as the company CEO. He moved back to the midwest from New York City in 2005 to join the family business. After a few more years of strictly manufacturing sauerkraut, they saw an opportunity. The industry needed a single-serve, mess-free pickled snack option. Now, OH SNAP! is a familiar brand in countless grocers and convenience stores everywhere, Krist included. Ryan claims they’ve set themselves apart from the rest with taste, convenience, and the right branding.
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