Pumping For a Purpose With the Peshtigo Police Department

Pumping For a Purpose proceeds benefit the Local First Responder Fund which helps police, fire, and emergency medical services agencies improve public safety. 

Krist Oil is participating in Pumping For a Purpose with the Peshtigo Police Department on Sunday, June 9, from 10am-3pm.

To participate, visit any of three locations including:

2002 Hall Ave. Marinette, WI

510 Maple St. Peshtigo, WI

371 French St. Peshtigo, WI

Visit our locations page to find these stores on the map!

Krist will donate 5¢ per gallon of ONLY 87 Octane purchased during this time. Local officers and EMS will be pumping every customer’s fuel. All money earned will be donated to the Local First Responder Fund through the Peshtigo Police Department.