Stans Upper Cup

Stan’s 90th Birthday

On April 9th, Stanley Atanasoff celebrated his 90th birthday. Stan is the CEO and founder of the Krist Oil Company. He renamed the oil company when he had purchased it from his family members. The Stambaugh Oil Company became the Krist Oil Company, in memory of his father, Krist.

For over 60 years, the Krist Oil Company has been Stan’s life-long passion and he is still very active in the day-to-day operations of the business. Stan’s son Krist, along with his grandsons KC, Kirk, Kiel and Kole continue working together today, and their efforts show the true value of a small family-owned business.

The company is now operating 75 convenience stores across Michigan, northern Wisconsin and one location in northern Minnesota. Krist Oil is a self-sufficient company that transports all of its fuel, grocery, and dairy to keep the convenience stores supplied weekly. A Home Heating business supplying Propane and Fuel Oil to area homes is also an integral part of the Krist Oil Company with several propane plants in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Over the years, the Krist convenience stores have gone through several upgrades. The most current version of the company’s Krist Food Marts offers an expanded food service selection with Hot Food prepared daily and cold beer vaults to increase their cold beverage offering to their customers.

Stan’s Upper Cup is now your destination for an excellent selection of Hot Fresh Brewed Coffees, Cappuccinos, Bakery and Hot Foods prepared daily. This destination was introduced to the convenience stores in honor of Stans love for his freshly brewed hazelnut coffee. So much so that he asked the roaster to make our own proprietary brand for the Krist Food Marts. Try a Hot Fresh Cup of our LakeHouse Roasters Northern Signature Blend, or our Deep Woods Blend (Dark Roast).

Stop in at one of the Krist Food Mart locations nearest to you and experience our Stan’s Upper Cup!