Local Product Highlight: Great Lakes Potato Chips

Starting this week, we will be featuring a different locally-owned and -made product that we carry in our convenience stores each week. Our first highlight is Great Lakes Potato Chips.

On a sunny day in 2009, Ed Girrbach and his son Chris pulled their pick-up truck in line with four 53 foot semi-tractor trailers waiting to load up with a fresh harvest of Michigan potatoes. After a 110 mile drive back to their facility in Traverse City, MI, they got to work turning these quality potatoes into hand-crafted kettle-cooked chips. We now know them as Great Lakes Potato Chips. As a local family run business in Northern Michigan, it all started with one clear goal in mind–make a chip worthy of the hardy, fresh spirit of the Great Lakes region and its people.

Who doesn’t love potato chips? When they decided to make potato chips right in Traverse City, they knew they needed to be something special. They needed to stand out! So how did they do it? Small batches. Fresh, almost all Michigan potatoes and spices. And a good old-fashioned Midwestern work ethic. The result? One sensational kettle chip that stands up to the most demanding snack craving.

Stop into your local Krist to give ’em a try!

Spoiler: they’re delicious.