Local Product Highlight: Great Lakes Potato Chips

Starting this week, we will be featuring a different locally-owned and -made product that we carry in our convenience stores EACH WEEK. Our first highlight is Great Lakes Potato Chips.

On a sunny day in 2009, Ed Girrbach and his son Chris pulled their pick-up truck in line with four 53 foot semi-tractor trailers waiting to load up with a fresh harvest of Michigan potatoes. After a 110 mile drive back to their facility in Traverse City, MI, they got to work turning these quality potatoes into hand-crafted kettle-cooked chips. We now know them as Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. As a local family run business in Northern Michigan, it all started with one clear goal in mind–make a chip worthy of the hardy, fresh spirit of the Great Lakes region and its people.

Stop into your local Krist to give ’em a try!

Spoiler: they’re delicious.