Local Product Highlight: ICON Meats

“Raised with pride. Crafted with passion.” – ICON Meats

The Brown family builtĀ ICON Meats to make their dream of raising a family on a bison ranch come true. Now, hundreds of bison roam about the ranch. They work with other ranchers and families to bring quality artisan meats to you. In the Spring of 2015, their family started building their regenerative bison ranch. Starting with miles of old barbed wire getting ripped up. Then, followed by massive amounts of brush cut up, grass planted, and new fences and corrals built. After years of blood, sweat, and tears, the old dairy farm was transformed into the beautiful and vast ICON Ranch.

When you support ICON, you support the Brown family and other hardworking ranchers and families with dirt on their boots and calluses on their hands! When you support ICON, you support farming equipment repairs, soil regeneration, keeping the lost art of meat cutting alive, and more.

ICON crafts their products with venison, elk, and bison–bison raised on the Brown family ranch. Krist understands the importance of supporting local hardworking families and businesses. Without the support of everyone since that one fateful day in 1917, we wouldn’t be here. We ask that our guests show the same support for others in our areas.



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