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Local Product Highlight: Wenzel’s Farm, Jerky and Snack Sticks

Award-winning products made with award-winning ingredients.

Wenzel’s Farm was founded in 1949 in Marshfield, WI bringing the craft of sausage making all the way from Germany to the states. Now, more than 100 years later, that heritage continues, tucked away in the heart of dairyland. Wenzel’s is a premium provider of high quality, handcrafted, small-batch meat snacks and other products. And they’re still operating out of the original barn in which the brand was born.

Wenzel’s takes great pride in crafting some of the finest, protein-packed, and naturally hardwood-smoked meat products available. They’ve won dozens of awards from entities including the American Association of Meat Processors and the Wisconsin Association of Meat Processors. Premium cuts of beef and pork craft these products. This is unlike larger corporations who use fillers and binders. Buyers can expect quality cuts of real, protein-packed meat because Wenzel’s enriches the natural flavor of their meats with a family recipe of select spices. Each product gets smoked and custom-crafted in small batches. The rich smoky taste of real hardwood hickory takes over.

Experience for yourself the rich, natural, hardwood-smoked flavor of Wenzel’s Farm products. Support a local family and their business when you visit your local Krist Food Mart. Pick up a bag or snack stick today!