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Local Product Highlight: Clutch Energy

In the heart of Wisconsin, Clutch Energy is making waves in the energy drink industry. The founders are four friends who wanted to bring a better-for-you energy drink to the table because they noticed a gap in the market. Clutch’s fusion of great-tasting flavor and revitalizing caffeine delivers the energy necessary to tackle the toughest challenges. They remain health conscious by offering a drink with low calories and zero sugar. Clutch gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. Born and bred in Wisconsin, Clutch represents the best of the Midwest’s innovation, passion and heart.

However, Clutch Energy isn’t just for the extremists and adrenaline junkies. It’s also for the hobbyists and underdogs who are still finding their footing. If you like to push yourself beyond your limits, break out of your comfort zone and strive to make every moment better than the last, you embody the Clutch Mentality. Clutch empowers people to achieve their goals, surpass their limits to reach new heights, and supports the doers and go-getters as they rise to the top.

In June 2023, Krist and Clutch teamed up to bring our guests an awesome giveaway for Hodag Country Festival tickets! Our rewards app users had the chance to win by filling out the in-app entry form. We gave away a grand total of 12 tickets to 5 lucky winners. One lucky winner received the grand prize on June 27. The grand prize included 4 9-day passes, a $100 Krist gift card, and an RGD cooler stocked full with Clutch! Just another example of Clutch keeping it real and Krist fueling the adventure.